Armed conflict, a global pandemic, climate crisis, economic insecurity—never has there been a more critical time for sustainable agri-commodity trading infrastructure.

A spike in energy costs, higher prices for food commodities, and restrictions on the trade of fertilizers, fuels, and food have created what the World Bank describes as “…the largest commodity shock experienced since the 1970s.”

As we witness the collapse of traditional supply chain networks under today’s economic disruptions, we are reminded of how vital it is to diversify the production, packaging, and delivery of agricultural commodities.

We believe that strengthening differentiated, localized food supply chains is the only solution to today’s long-term commodity crisis.

B-Corp Trading Company

intends to position itself as a global solution to this unprecedented food security crisis by optimizing the production and delivery of sustainable agricultural commodities from the farms of Egypt to markets around the world.

B-Corp Trading Company was launched in 2022 to strengthen and increase agri-commodities production and shipment capabilities. Our mission is to deliver safe, high-quality agricultural products worldwide by optimizing differentiated localized agri-commodity supply chains that weather global disruptions.

Our objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the agri-commodity supply chain
  • Provide value to market customers worldwide
  • Improve the family farm infrastructure
  • Meet consumer demand for sustainable agricultural production.

Our Products

Valencia oranges

Navel oranges

Baladi oranges



Lemon Eureka





Sweet potatoes