B-Corp Trading Company is a diversified agri-commodity global trading company. We deliver premium-quality agricultural products from local farms and producers throughout Egypt to meet international food safety standards.


B-Corp Trading Company was launched in 2022 to consolidate and grow our sustainable agri-commodities production and shipment capabilities. Based in Egypt, B-Corp’s subsidiaries include Elbadawy farms and smaller private agricultural producers in the region. Our farms have been in business for decades, providing products that meet client demand for quality and safety.


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized, diversified trading corporation that provides a global consumer base with the highest-quality agricultural products. We intend to grow our diversified portfolio of agricultural products and expand into markets around the globe, playing a pivotal role in food security and premium quality produce.


Our mission is to deliver safe, high-quality agricultural products worldwide by optimizing differentiated localized agri-commodity supply chains that weather global disruptions.


Customer Success: We believe that customer satisfaction is critical to business growth. Therefore, our business model is customer-centric. Understanding our customers’  pain points enables us to provide quality products and services that fit their needs and specifications.

Integrity: The foundation of our core values ensures mutual respect between all constituent groups—employees, customers, and external stakeholders.

Quality: Building trust and establishing long-term relationships with our customers is an essential element of our strategic plan.

Sustainability: We recognize climate change’s critical role in a safe and stable food supply. Our subsidiaries implement cutting-edge farm management technologies that lower the carbon footprint. In addition, our sustainable farming practices result in increased crop yields, amplifying our ability to strengthen the agri-commodity supply chain. 

Accreditations & Certifications