Elbadawy Farms

Elbadawy Farms, located in the AI Nubariyah region, is a family business founded in 1989. For more than 30 years, the family has prioritized food safety, quality control, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. Elbadawy’s premium-quality fruits and vegetables are produced, handled, stored, and packed according to global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).

In addition to ensuring safe and healthy produce, we’re also committed to our employees and other stakeholders. We’re a member of Sedex and utilize the Global GAP Risk Assessment On Social Practice (g.r.a.s.p.) assessment tool to assess and improve our social/labor practices. We work hard to ensure that we empower and protect our employees and provide an opportunity for growth and advancement. 


The mission of Elbadawy Farms is to provide superior fruits and vegetables to worldwide markets. By continuously improving our sustainable farming practices, we’re able to

  • increase crop yields
  • improve the quality of the products we offer
  • protect the environment
  • contribute to the health of society.


Elbadawy Farms covers 400 acres in the fertile Al Nubariyah region. In addition, we collaborate with neighboring farms, resulting in a combined acreage of approximately 1,000 acres of sustainable farmland.

We began as a small family farm. Today, we employ approximately 40 permanent workers and outsource more than 10,000 seasonal workers throughout the year.

We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, mangoes, grapes, potatoes, onions, and garlic.

We provide fruits and vegetables to markets across Egypt and around the world.


Elbadawy Farms is certified by GRASP, GLOBAL G.A.P, BRC, Sedex SMETA, and Tesco Nurture. Our accreditations are renewed annually to ensure that we meet our objectives of sustainable farming and worker health and safety.

Furthermore, Elbadawy Farms employs all applicable international food safety standards. We conform with PPPL (European Union Plant Protection List) and EU standards for MRL (minimum residue levels) and specific MRL standards required by the United Kingdom and Germany.

Packing And Shipping

We outsource our sorting, grading, and packing processes to the leading packing houses in the country. All of our vendors are iso-9001, and BRC certified. We ensure that only the highest quality packaging materials are used, according to the needs of our customers.

We hire the best shipping logistics companies in the country to ensure food safety and quality control. Our vendors are experienced with domestic and international shipping standards, ensuring that our produce is handled professionally throughout the journey, from farm to domestic and international markets. Furthermore, we employ a trace-back system that enables tracking our fruit’s or vegetable’s origin, from the packing plant to the plot.